About A&A

A Smooth & Superior Smoke

With a Health-Conscious Twist

Ace & Axle is a premium grade hemp product designed for trendsetters, pack leaders and modern-day mavericks who enjoy the gratifying taste and enjoyment of a quality hemp pre-roll. Made from 100% pure American hemp, Ace & Axle delivers a rich, full-flavored smoke experience infused with the healing wonders of natural CBD.

Procured from the cannabis plant to usher in the next revolution of the wellness movement, Ace & Axle pre-rolls contain no tobacco, nicotine or additives, with THC levels below the 0.3% legal limit. We pride ourselves in promoting an enhanced quality of life for all through our game-changing products that offer the perfect, non-psychoactive smoking experience that you are after, every time.

ACE is associated with the number one, outranking all others to stand as the best among the best.

AXLE speaks to the notion of perpetual rotations and turns, for a progressive, life in motion.

Ace & Axle embodies these elements, a superior product that is a healthier alternative to traditional nicotine-based cigarettes, inspiring positive shifts on the life axles of its users towards improved states of general well-being.

A Name Unlike Any Other.